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Important Notice for Users

Important Notice for Users

Using the App

GPS Accuracy

GPS accuracy can drop, depending on the environment of your current location (thick forests, ravines, etc.).When this happens, GPS information can be misleading. When this happens, GPS information can be misleading.

Carry a Battery Pack

Make sure to carry an extra battery pack just incase your smartphone battery runs out.

Carry Paper-based Maps

It's always a good idea to print-out and carry YAMAP maps, just in case your smartphone gets damanged.

About YAMAP Maps

Course Time

Course Times shown on YAMAP maps take into account the average time it would take "an experienced 40 year old female hiker" to complete the course. This is a relaxed pace. Course Times can vary depending on season, weather, fitness level, and the nature of the activity. Use this as a point of reference.

Mountain Trail

The red line indicates standard mountain trails. The dotted line indicates trails for more advanced and experience hikers. Trails deemed to difficult or treacherous might not be displayed.

Displayed Information

Conditions such as "Road blocked due to heavy rain", ”Mountain Lodge is closed", or "Lake is currently dry" may frequently change. As we reference information from our users and from official administrative entities, we recommend that you do plenty of research before your activity.
A request from the YAMAP Team

*About Maps

If you find an error in our maps about lodges, lakes, as well as other landmarks, or would like to add details to a map in any way, we request that you post your findings in the Support Bulletin Board below. We hope to continue improving the accuracy of our maps from the information we gain.

*Support Bulletin Board
①Select "Submit"
②Select the "Discrepancy" category, then the "Maps" tag, then enter map name as the title, and describe the requested revision in as much detail as you can.

*About Standard Maps

Standard Maps like the "Urban Disaster Relief Map" may only be viewable on the YAMAP app.