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Helpful even in disasters

Helpful even in disasters

*"Urban Disaster Relief Map"

Even if cellular connection is lost during a disaster, the YAMAP app can provide offline maps with GPS functionality. If transportation systems are down during a disaster and walking home from work or school is the only mode of transportation, YAMAP can again come in handy as a go-to emergency map.

We've made emergency maps of large cities available free of charge so it might be useful in one's most critical time of need. To make use of this feature, please download the maps closest to your home or route of commute.

It is our wish to do everything we can to help each local community during emergencies. Please contact us if you would like us to upload a map of your locality. We will upload these maps free of charge. Though it might take us some time to aggregate the needed information, it is our mission to satisfy each request to the best of our abilities.

*Support Bulletin Board

①Click the "Create" button.
②Select the "Map Request" category and check the tag "maps".
③In the body, include the name of your area, neighborhood, or the postal code.
We will then upload the corresponding map.

 Email:  support@yamap.co.jp