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About Fuku x Fuku Alliance

About Fuku x Fuku Alliance

Fuku x Fuku Alliance

We Share This Era of Life

We believe that human happiness comes from connecting with others and is rooted in relationships. By considering each encounter as one with whom we share this time and age, it is our hope to find that "something" which can only come from such encounters.

How We Walk The Walk

Fuku x Fuku Alliance is how we put this mission into practice. A portion of YAMAP's earnings will go toward third party efforts (NPOs and other organizations) helping "tsunami orphans" and those who've lost the foundation of their day-to-day lives from the 3/11 disaster. We will select companies that we deem respectable and deliver reports when donations are made.

We understand that our efforts may have a minimal effect in resolving these issues, but it is our believe that this continuous commitment to give back to society in the form of the FukuFuku Alliance is of the utmost importance.

Our Prospect

It is our hope to continue widening our affiliation by enabling other companies and individuals to join our efforts through the Fuku x Fuku Alliance. If you or anyone you know is interested in this endeavor, please contact us and let us know. Join us in making each party's contribution count. Let's make a difference together.


1st Round Contribution
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¥200,000 - to the Ashinaga Educational Foundation, dedicated to the Tsunami Orphans of the Great East Japan Earthquake.
¥100,000 - to the Operation Blessing Japan, dedicated to the recent typhoon victims of the Philippines.
¥100,000 - to the Peshawar Organization, dedicated to the Green Ground Fund for Afghanistan Programme.

*Contact Us

Yoshihiko Haruyama, CEO, YAMAP INC.
Email: info@yamap.co.jp