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User Guide Android App

User Guide Android App


Download the YAMAP app. It's free to use!


Open the app and login

If you're new to YAMAP, tap on "Sign up as a Free Member", shown in Screenshot A.
If you've already signed up, tap on "Login", shown in Screenshot B.

Note: Please sign up with web-based email address.
If you choose to sign up with a mobile provider's email address, please open your smartphone settings and make sure you are able to receive emails from "yamap.co.jp".

Tap the "Sign up as a Free Member" button.
Tap the "Sign-up with your email" button. If you are Facebook user, you can easily sign up from "Sign-up with Facebook" button.
Input all necessary information, and tap "Register" to complete your Free Membership registration.
Enter the email address and password you signed up with, and tap "Login with your email" button.

Downloading Maps

To download, select a map of an area you plan to visit.
Note: We recommend that you do this when connected to Wi-Fi.

Tap the "Map" tab.
Select the map you would like to use and tap "Map".
Tap "Free Map" and download the map.
After downloading, the map will be displayed when you tap "Map".

Start Recording Your Activity

Start recording Your Activity.
Once you select your activity type, recording will begin and your activity will be tracked.
Tap the location button to bring your current location to the center of the map.
Tap on the location button again to see which direction your phone is facing.

* Maps will always be oriented upright.
* If your location is outside the map, the orange dot that represents your current location will not be displayed.


Other Functions

In-app Camera screen
Tap the camera icon to take a photo.
Distance Guide screen
Tap the round icon to activate the distance guide (radius).

* Using your regular camera app for photos will not be a problem.
* Regardless of which app is used to take photos, when photos are uploaded through the YAMAP app, they will be displayed along your trail with a camera symbol.


End & Save

When you're done with your activity, tap the "Done" button to complete it.
Tap "Save and Finish". If you would like to discard your recorded activity, tap the trash can icon at the top right of the screen.
Select photos to upload to the activity post, and tap "Complete".
Your saved Activity Posts will be automatically uploaded to our servers when data connectivity is good.

Edit your Activity Posts.

Note: We recommend that you do this when connected to Wi-Fi.

Top screen
Tap the user icon at the top right, and display your personalized page.
My Posts screen
Tap the "ACTIVITY POSTS" tab, and tap the activity diary you would like to edit.
Activity Post screen
Tap the mark at the top right, and display the edit screen.
Edit Activity Post screen
After editing things like the scope of disclosure, the title, and the activity memo, tap "Save" to finish editing.

Uploading & Editing Photos

Photos uploaded through a method that differs from the following steps may not be correctly identified with camera symbols along your recorded trail.
Note: We recommend that you do this when connected to Wi-Fi.

Edit Activity Post screen
Display the activity diary edit screen, and tap "Add Photo".
Select Photos screen
Select the photo you would like to add, and tap "Complete".
Edit Activity Post screen
You can add a comment to the photo, and change the display order.
Edit Activity Post screen
After editing the photo, tap "Save" to finish editing.

*Website Integration

Syncing Activity Posts saved on the YAMAP will allow them to appear in Activity Posts on the YAMAP website as long as your phone has a stable data connection (i.e. Wi-Fi).

*Editing Activity Posts

You can also edit your Activity Posts through the site, as well as add photos.