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YAMAP Features

YAMAP Features

Comparison between a "Dedicated GPS Device" and "YAMAP App + Smartphone"*1

Feature Category Dedicated GPS DeviceDedicated GPS Device YAMAP App + SmartphoneYAMAP App + Smartphone
Hybrid Maps
(Digital and Paper-based maps)
Ease of use

High Resolution displays, touch screens, cameras, an other smartphone functions

Cost Performance approx. ¥30,000 to ¥100,000,
even more
The app and maps are free.*3
Safety & Security (cannot be used to communicate)

Device can be used to communicate

Map Information

Provides course duration, water areas, and useful information for Hiking & Outdoors

Battery Life*4 approx. 16-18hrs approx. 8-10hrs

USB battery packs can be used to counter this deficiency

Web Service Integration

Easy syncing with a few clicks. Each user is given his or her own Activity Posts page.*5

*1: Since Dedicated GPS Devices can vary greatly in functionality and price, categories that are hard to compare are not listed.
*2: YAMAP Maps can be downloaded an unlimited number of times.
*3: Smartphone and data plan costs are not included.
*4: Battery life can vary greatly depending on usage and environment. This is merely one point of reference.
*5: Syncing only occurs when data connection is available. To edit or add details and photos, please go to the "Activity Posts" page.